4 Things You Should Be Aware Of

At some point we’ve all found ourselves in a situation after the fact where one little piece of information would have been vitally important to know. The saying goes ‘with the beauty of hindsight’, but in many situations there’s actually nothing beautiful about hindsight, especially if it impacts your businesses day-to-day operations.

But with so much going on in the world, you can be forgiven for not being up to date on everything that’s happening in the hardware world. In many ways, that’s why you come to us because we’re across all the latest developments.

Birds eye view of shipping port.

So to keep you in the loop, let’s explore four market trends that you should be aware of right now.

1. Hardware supply shortages

As we sit here in 2021, you could be forgiven for thinking the supply chain disruptions of a year ago are just that, disruptions that occurred a year ago. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Last year was just the first wave of such shortages. Device production is still facing an uphill battle with global shortages across CPUs, panels, notebook screens, hinges, and other critical components. Right now, we’re probably in the second wave, so if you’re planning on purchasing hardware in the next six months, it pays to plan ahead and act now if you can.

2. Transportation issues with stock supply

As the next step in the supply chain dilemma, transportation issues across the globe are also having an impact on stock delivery. In a pre-COVID world, a large percentage of transportation was done via air freight, but now the costs of such transportation are pricing many vendors out of the market and as a result most of the transportation is being done via ship. This is more time consuming, there’s increased restrictions and protocols to go through, and less port availability than before. As we’ve already said, it pays to plan in advance and act now if you can.

3. Remote working’s impact on hardware procurement

Although we’re not necessarily moving the same amount of stock that we were in March and April of last year, there’s still increased demand for notebooks and other remote working technology compared to 18 months ago. We’re noticing organisations reducing their real estate footprint and adopting more long-term approaches to remote working, coupled with the traditional level of demand from customers who are simply refreshing faulty or end of life devices. This is only exacerbating the supply chain shortages that we’ve already discussed. Plan and act now if you have procurement requirements on the horizon.

4. Increasing need for streamlined procurement

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, more people are working remotely than ever before, and agility is king. Agility across delivering secure access to the corporate network, agility across scaling service capacity up and down, and of course, agility across putting technology in the hands of workers. Demand for modern procurement services is on the rise and the ability to put a fully configured device in the hands of a user within 24-48 hours is quickly becoming invaluable. At MCS, this is our bread and butter and just to highlight the growing trend, we’ve seen a 40% increase in deliveries to home addresses since the middle of last year.

In the case of supply chain shortages and issues with transportation and importation, the uncertainty will continue indefinitely. What we know is that here at MCS, we always have stock thanks to our dedicated team of experts working round the clock to maintain stock levels and our long-standing relationships with vendors like HP. Second to that, our streamlined procurement and deployment services across major hubs like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are second to none.

But as we previously mentioned, demand is high, so we encourage you to look ahead and forecast what you might need in 6 months’ time and act now.

And it’s okay if you’re not sure of your specific device needs, the MCS team will work with you to identify the best technology fit to achieve your desired outcomes. 

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