Blog - Device Strategy

A lot has changed in the way organisations plan their technology environment over the past decade. We’ve seen every workplace switch from tethered desktop PCs on secure office networks to mobile devices that allow our people to work from any location.

Obviously in 2020, this trend has been drastically accelerated by the shift to remote working we’ve seen across the globe. Research from Roy Morgan found that more than 4.3 million people (32% of the Australian workforce) have been working from home during the last few months.

Yet prior to the pandemic, we already saw a range of other factors driving the need for a more agile device strategy. While tech teams will still prefer to plan their device procurement strategy carefully, and make purchases and bulk where possible, there are some scenarios that require a more flexible approach.

The executive rescue mission

For senior executives and busy salespeople, their devices often play a crucial role in landing the next business deal or executing a major project. Unfortunately, something as simple as a lost, stolen, or broken device could potentially throw a real spanner into the works of any potential deal or project. Being able to provision a new patched and secure device, and have it delivered to an executive at short notice is a vital lifeline that ensures you never miss a business opportunity.

Maximising onboarding engagement

Recruiting and retaining an engaged team relies heavily on the onboarding experience you provide your employees. A 2019 survey of IT professionals found 38% report it takes up to four days to get a new employee everything they need to do their job. In the same study, 92% of respondents see a clear correlation between onboarding experiences and their ongoing satisfaction with their employer. Your ability to deliver the right devices to new team members in a short timeframe is now crucial for building an engaged and committed workforce.

Preparing for the inevitable

One thing we know for certain is that some form of disruption is inevitable. Whether caused by pandemic, cyberattack, or natural disaster, you need to ensure you have robust business continuity plans in place - a key component of which is your device procurement and deployment strategy. Knowing where and how you can quickly provision devices in any circumstance should be a vital pillar of any business continuity and risk management planning.

Here at MCS, we’ve seen the needs of our clients change and we’ve changed with them. While we know many of our clients prefer to maintain business as usual with their long-term device procurement, we also pride ourselves on having the flexibility and agility to deliver secure devices to our clients in Sydney within 24 hours, and to Melbourne and Brisbane within 48 hours.

To ensure we always have the right devices for your workforce needs, we’re pleased to be partnering with HP to offer their Elite range of devices, all of which include a three year warranty and the most robust in-built device security in the market. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you create a more agile and flexible device strategy for your business continuity plans.


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