Blog - Checklist: Device Partner

Your device procurement strategy has become one of the most crucial drivers of organisational effectiveness. Being able to match the right devices to your workforce’s needs is now inextricably linked to organisational productivity, engagement and customer service.

Yet we know many organisations are still reliant on device providers who offer the bare minimum of offerings and services for the promise of negligible discounts. What many tech leaders should be considering is the value they can derive from a more strategic partnership with device providers.

To help you decide if your device provider is able to meet your changing requirements, here is a checklist of services and solutions you should expect:

  1. Vendor warranties - Does your device provider offer peace of mind through robust devices with multi-year vendor warranties, as opposed to a single year warranty?
  2. Security features - Can your provider offer devices with the best available inbuilt security for protecting your workforce from ransomware and other security risks?
  3. Imaging – Are the devices able to be provisioned with imaging to your organisation’s requirements, and even to an individual employee’s needs?
  4. Packages - Are you able to easily match laptops, notebooks, and PCs with packages that bring together the ideal mix of peripherals such as screens, keyboard, mouse, docking station, cables, headsets, speakers, and more?
  5. Mobile devices - Are you able to pair laptops and PCs with the latest smartphones from a range of vendors?
  6. Tagging – Does your provider offer device tagging, enabling your tech teams to easily keep track of all new devices as they’re registered and delivered to different locations?
  7. Flexible delivery - Can your provider deliver secure, tagged, and image devices, complete with customised packages to metropolitan areas within 24 to 48 hours?
  8. Order visibility - Do you have the visibility to track the delivery of all ordered devices and clear communication around timelines and schedules?
  9. Stockholding agreements - Does your provider have storage capacity that allows you to purchase and store bulk devices and peripherals for future use?
  10. Device strategy planning - Can your provider help you to create a more agile device strategy for preparing business continuity and risk management plans?

At MCS, we know that device procurement is no longer just a tick and flick exercise for IT teams. Every business is looking for technology partners who can alleviate the headaches of procuring, imaging, and provisioning devices for their workforce - which is why we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive and cost-effective suite of device solutions on the market.

To ensure we always have the right devices for your workforce needs, we’re pleased to be partnering with HP to offer their Elite range of devices, all of which include a three-year warranty and the most robust in-built device security available. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can partner with your IT team to help them focus on more strategic IT outcomes.

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