New Warehouse Enables Continuity & Growth for Our Customers

We know our clients are looking for certainty more than ever, which is why MCS is proud to say we are growing and expanding. Although we’ve had to deal with our own level of disruption, our new warehouse and office premises are proof of our commitment to being a solid and stable partner to our customers.

Nearly every organisation has experienced a short, sharp lesson in business continuity in 2020. This has been particularly the case in the enterprise device market.

Even before COVID-19 had gained a foothold outside of China, device production had already been reduced by 12%within the first three months of the year. Following the subsequent disruptions across the supply chain, and the rapid shift to remote work, we saw many businesses scrambling to ensure their workforce could access dwindling supplies of notebooks, laptops, and peripherals.

Within our own warehouse where we normally carry upwards of $1M in stock, we saw this reduced to around 25% of our overall capacity - which is very unusual for a supplier of our size. Yet this was not unusual, as we found ourselves supporting other suppliers and even some of our closest competitors.

Most importantly, we saw how crucial it is to be able to offer a fast and flexible procurement service to our customers. As they were looking for the technology and devices for keeping their workforce engaged and productive, we were pleased to have the capabilities for meeting these new demands.

New capacity offers flexibility and stability

In our new warehouse, we’ve now tripled our capacity - moving from around 40 pallets of capacity to more than 120 pallets. We also have room to grow to around 180 pallets capacity in the future.

For many of our clients, this enables them to pre-emptively purchase stock within our warehouse, and have it delivered to them when they need it. These stockholding arrangements are becoming more commonplace as enterprises recognise the need for certainty and flexibility in their device procurement plans.

For smaller orders, it also offers our clients the peace of mind that we’ll always have stock available for meeting their device needs when the unexpected happens. In a year of such unprecedented disruption and uncertainty, we know how important it is for our clients to have confidence in our ability to service them.

In addition, our new office premises also reflects our growth, as these new facilities are enabling us to grow our team, and be more responsive to the changing expectations of our customers. With daily deliveries across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we’re focused on improving every aspect of our operations to ensure have the right devices for their workforce, precisely when they need them.

As part of our growth strategy, we’re pleased to be partnering with HP to offer their Elite range of devices, all of which include a three year warranty and the most robust in-built device security in the market. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can connect your organisation with the devices and peripherals for keeping your workforce productive, engaged and secure.

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